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How We Put Our Borrowers First

At Cherry Creek Mortgage, I enjoy helping borrowers with my flexibility, access, and ease of doing business.


Flexibility for Borrowers

As a Loan Officer, I deliver personalized service that larger banks find difficult to match. I work with a variety of lenders to help my clients find competitive mortgage rates. I can offer greater product availability, flexible lending options, and lower closing costs than many larger institutions.



Many lending institutions have barriers to entry for borrowers. By working with me, borrowers aren’t subject to more stringent criteria than is necessary. For example, a bigger lender or agency may set a credit score target for an FHA loan that is higher than the government requires. I can help a borrower who might not meet every standard a particular lending institution sets, but whose borrowing profile still makes them eligible for an FHA loan. When you work with me, we can bypass additional restrictions that individual banks and credit unions may place on their products.


Ease of Doing Business

I enjoy putting my experience and expertise to work for my clients. If you’re looking for a mortgage in Wisconsin at a competitive rate, I would be happy to discuss the range of programs that may be available. By anticipating obstacles before they present themselves, I can make the loan process simple, and easy. I also consider every aspect of my client’s needs and work to keep closing costs down. Getting a conventional, VA, FHA, or USDA mortgage in Wisconsin at a competitive rate might be easier than you think.